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My fangirling over Bill Clinton playing the Tenor Saxophone notebook is done!!

“The first time I met Josh I was seventeen and he was twenty-two. It was on the Lollapalooza tour and I loved Kyuss, and I saw him and knew the band had broke up so we just started talking about it and we took a picture together. I was such a little fan. We didn’t see each other again for seven years. He told people we made out. It was really cute, he was telling Mark Lanegan that he made out with me, of course he didn’t though. He told me he’d always had a crush on me… It was meant to be.” - Brody Dalle 

Thesis: Point of view through numbers - Ahran Kim

Esterhazy Palace, Hungary.

Sleater-Kinney in Spin, May 1997

Dig Me Out
i am blind ozzy osbourne